What is Google Ads Retargeting And How Does it Bring You More Leads?

google retargeting ads

Very often, the first time someone visits your functional medicine site, they may not take action. It’s like this in many industries. Someone finds a website, reads a little bit, and then comes back later to make a decision. The best way to make sure that someone doesn’t forget about your website is through Google ads retargeting. 

What is Google Ads Retargeting? 

Have you ever been to a website and then immediately saw ads for that site online? If so, then you are being served a retargeting ad. There is a Google ads remarketing tag placed on your site that tracks each user that visits. Once a user clicks on the site, the tracking cookies will follow them to other sites, allowing them to be served your retargeting ad. 

How Much Does Retargeting Ads Cost? 

Believe it or not, a retargeting ad click doesn’t cost as much per click as a standard pay per click (PPC) campaign. Not only that, but retargeted traffic is also usually hot leads for your functional medicine practice, because they’ve already shown interest in your site. 

What Can You Use as The Basis For Remarketing With Google Ads?

You can retarget patients one of two ways: 

  • Clicks to the site
  • Email lists

If you are trying to target by clicks to the site, you will need to make sure you have the Google tracking pixel in the header code of your site. This pixel is what’s used to track the users that come to the site. 

However, if you want to use your email list, you can upload this into the Google ads as a CSV file. As long as the email address is linked to a Google profile, you’ll be able to remarket your ads. 

Benefits of Retargeting Ads

There are many reasons that practitioners chose to use retargeting ads as part of their marketing strategy. For one thing, they are able to engage with their past visitors. Maybe they are existing or previous patients. Or, these visitors can be organic, referral, direct, or paid traffic. Either way, a retargeted ad keeps your site in front of them. 

How SEO Helps Retargeting Campaigns

SEO is the method we use to bring more organic traffic to our practitioners’ websites. Organic traffic are those that search a term and click a website that shows up in the results. When you are adding keywords to your site and fresh content, you have a better chance of Google showing your site for specific keywords. 

The moment an organic visitor comes to your site, they will see your retargeting ads on other parts of the internet where Google displays ads. When you combine SEO with Google ads, you can create an effective marketing campaign. As we said before, most often times a visitor will not make a decision on the first time they come to your site. 

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