The Functional Medicine Center for Personalized Care

The Center is focused on integrating both mind and body care within the Functional Medicine model intended to seek out and treat root causes to what makes us ill or less than ideally healthy. The Center has a team of practitioners from various professions and specialties, including, but not limited to physicians, nurse practitioners, therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, exercise coaches, Yoga, health coaches, Meditation specialists and more.

We provide health assessments with very detailed treatment plans based on the assessment findings and extensive laboratory testing. The plan includes all that are needed to solve the underlying problem and then more towards achieving the best health status with vitality and energy. We provide free education to our clients so that they understand their own physiology and therefore participates in the healing process with intention and insight.

We are specialists in integrating the mind and body care with a team of therapists. We provide IV nutrition, hormone therapy and compound natural pharmaceuticals and supplements that your body needs to restore the healthy metabolic processes. We are experienced with treating both complex cases and those just seeking to optimize their health. When you call, a team of intake professionals will place you with the best matched provider for your needs.

We have various office locations throughout northern New Jersey and have practitioners who can provide services in both New Jersey and New York and via telehealth.